Alan Newton C.Eng. MRINA.


Senior Partner – Alan Newton Yachts

Full 5 year Ship Draughtsman Apprenticeship, and a further 12 months study to gain an Endorsement in Ship Design leading to a Chartered Engineer and Member of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects.

Design has been a passion of mine for over 50 years and I have been fortunate in having the ability to carry out Design and Manufacture of a wide range of Engineering Projects.

WASP (CUMBRIA) LIMITED was formed by me in 2009 to enable me to develop a range of Tidal Energy Systems from Concept through Design and manufacture. Several small scale prototypes were built, culminating in a larger scale Turbine with the assistance of eight final year students from Lancaster University being involved in the flotation system, gearbox, design features and electrical equipment. This was in fact the largest Project of its type to be undertaken by students from the University.

From our original design we are now progressing with a unique and novel Turbine design, Drive System and Generator. Work has already started on the Turbine Blade design and subject to the preliminary trials it is anticipated that a larger scale system will be built within the next 6 months.