Wasp Cumbria News Update August 2012

September 3, 2012

Applications were submitted for Grant funding to both the Carbon Trust and the ‘Innovation in Business’ Grant supported by our local Furness Enterprise and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.

Although our application progressed through three of the five ‘Gates’ to secure the Carbon Trust Grant we were advised to apply again at a later date and once we had developed our system and Patent further. However we were successful with our application for the ‘Innovation in Business’ Grant enabling us to move forward. This application was supported by a comprehensive ‘Programme and Costing’ schedule for a level of Research and Development together with the Design and Manufacture of a 1:10 scale prototype in 2012.

Discussions with Dr George Aggidis of LUREG (Lancaster University Renewable Energy Group) regarding possible involvement by the University were positive with the proposal being considered to have ‘Merit’ and worthy of support. Initial studies were carried out to help give an indication of power output from the 1:10 scale prototype and a projected full size system. This revealed that one of the major considerations would be in developing a suitable Power take off system to maximize the Turbines output and efficiency. In order to allow LUREG to concentrate on this any development and prototyping required would be completed by WASP(CUMBRIA)LIMITED in parallel with the Research work and the manufacture of the 1:10 scale Demonstration prototype.

Having identified a suitable Test site with the necessary ‘Tidal Flow’ rate enquiries are now underway to determine any additional requirements in order that once we have approval we can finalize the installation and test schedule.

Other News

It is interesting to note that a number of other innovative Tidal and Wave energy devices are now beginning to attract funding and hopefully this input by investors will stimulate new ideas not only in the designs but also in power take off and ways of improving efficiency. A recent study comparing various Renewable Energy sources indicates a very favourable return on Tidal flow systems with an annual projected 7,000 hrs of potential yield.

Alan Newton, C Eng, MRINA.