Wasp Cumbria News Update December 2011

December 20, 2011

Latest News

Having completed construction of the major components of our two 1:40 scale Tidal Flow system ‘Prototypes’ it was decided to proceed to testing of the second version only as we believed this to be the more advanced hydrodynamically and would provide us with the best results. Initial ‘proof of Concept’ testing took place in June and confirmed our Design Intent had been met and gave a clear indication of the development path to the next stage 1:10 scale ‘Demonstration’ prototype.

Further tests were carried out in November on some of the components of the overall system to assist in refining the hydrodynamic form which will be carried forward for future R&D and Rapid Prototyping work with Lancaster University Renewable Energy Group who have expressed a keen interest in being involved in the development of the idea.
Other News

Applications have now been submitted to secure additional funding and support from various local and National Institutions that will enable WASP to proceed to the next phase of development which we believe would benefit from a level of R&D work and Rapid Prototyping. This will help to establish representative power outputs, optimum Generator selection and a level of recognised Academic support to ensure that the 1:10 scale Demonstration prototype will enable WASP to quickly prove the system and its potential.

Alan Newton, C Eng, M.R.I.N.A.