Wasp Cumbria News Update March 2011

March 20, 2011

Following assessment of the Innovation Voucher Report we are now modifying the layout and orientation of our first System. Our original intention was to convert the Tidal Range into a Wind Power force. Whilst this was shown to be possible when testing our small scale prototype the power output of a full size system, indicated by the ‘Innovation Voucher’ Report calculations, suggested that the required Investment could not be justified. The system will now be tested over the coming months, following modifications, to determine the output when driving a Water Turbine.

Although installation and maintenance cost will be higher the increase in output may justify this additional cost and show a better return on Investment.
Other News

Major components of our 1:40 scale Tidal Flow system ‘Prototypes’ have now been completed and will be asssembled during March and April with a view to carrying out initial ‘proof of concept’ testing. Two prototypes for this system are being developed and whilst the basic design is maintained variations in the overall configurations will give us the opportunity to compare the respective outputs that these small variations might make and help determine the best characteristics to adopt in order to progress to larger scale Prototypes.

Alan Newton, C Eng, MRINA.